Energy Therapies

Transformational/Spiritual Therapy

A gentle powerful approach that touches the “HEART” of all aspects of SELF.
Massage with a strong spiritual aspect used to explore and assist in one’s life transitions, while providing support in opening up our awareness.

Spiritual Guidance

Guidance to discovering your true self and life purpose. Assistance with common life issues. Direction to become in tune with yourself and aware of guidance you are receiving through your own intuitiveness, Angels and Spirit guides.

Distant Healing

All healing modalities can take place distant. Quantum Physics explains that everything is energy, and time and distance do not exist energetically. This has been verified with atomic particles.

Great success and amazing results!

Therapies Available as:

One on one sessions
Group sessions
Phone sessions
Remote sessions (being on phone is not needed)


Experiences in Healing

Distance Healing
“My friends back was extremely painful. We called Debbie Jo and set up a distance healing session. Debbie was on the cell phone with the speaker on talking to the patient, Debbie asked her to lie down in the most comfortable position, and I could literally see my friend’s back move as Debbie massaged it. The distance healing relieved my friends back pain.”
-Pam T. – California
Distance Healing for my Grandson:
“He had kidney surgery at the age of 5 years old. At the age of 9 years he was having pains in his back (same kind that he had when he was younger) so I suspect it was his kidneys. I called Debbie and she said I will work on him today. In the early afternoon my grandson said I need to take a little rest (which was very uncommon for him). He came out of his bedroom about 2 hours later and said “Wow I feel good!” I have not heard him complain about his back pain since….”
-Pam T. – California

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“When we change the way we look at things the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer