Journey Into You

“I originally went to Debbie Jo to have her help my roommate lose some weight and we started chatting about how I had lost my best friend/ex-husband the year before. She started to tell me about her Journey Into You program. I honestly thought that there was no scientific basis to her claims, so I decided to have at least one session with her to prove that it was false and could not possibly do what she was claiming.

Needless to say, I was WRONG! I had the most amazing experience. I worked with Debbie Jo for several months. Today I have to say that she is my savior. I know I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today. I have dealt with the death of my ex and also my younger sister. I thank God every day that I met Debbie Jo and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I feel so much happiness in my heart and mind because of this amazing woman. Not only did she help me mentally and emotionally, I received a wonderful friend out of this whole experience.”
– Cheryl Williams

“Journey Into You is truly a gift from God, and that gift has opened and broadened my heart, my awareness, my spirit, my mind. I am becoming the person I came to this world to become, and it is truly a wonderful journey.

This journey is for the soul that desires to awake to the life that is waiting. The life of abundance – in every possible aspect; health, spirituality, finances, relationships. Truly EVERY aspect of this beautiful life.

This Journey that I am blessed with was first introduced to me then to my sweet children. Their Journeys are bringing about healing in their hearts that we have all hoped and prayed for, for several years.

I will be eternally grateful for this priceless gift, and dedicate my heart to living the result.”
– Miriam

“The experience I have had working with Debbie Jo & Journey Into You is very powerful. In the struggles I have had in my life working with Debbie Jo have all changed. I am free from things, whether they are beliefs or emotions, that have stopped me from moving on in life; the work is incredible. My children have also benefited by going through Journey Into You sessions. The freedom to be as you are to be & to feel free from those things that hold you back or down. My children & I all have and still do have sessions whenever we feel we need help in growing & succeeding in life.”
– Laurie Farmer
“We are more than we know and to an extent the human mind is malleable and can be trained or programmed. Scientific evidence shows that we develop engrained emotional memories that effect life long perceptions between the ages of three and ten. Almost everyone suffered something that was perceived as traumatic within the adolescent mind during this period of growth. Virtually unknown to us, this programming continues to effect how we deal with every aspect of our daily lives. Since it’s likely that we have no real memory of events that shaped our emotional map, it takes a trained expert like Debbie Jo to recognize what she aptly refers to as vibrations.
These vibrations can manifest in numerous ways and can often be debilitating or stunting as we strive to live full and content lives. Debbie Jo has perfected a technique that can eliminate these underlying destructive patterns or vibrations regardless of their origin. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in leading a more peaceful, content and productive life.”
– Leland Howard – Nature Art Photographer
“After hearing about and seeing a demonstration of Journey Into You, I was intrigued and decided to try it for myself. What I found was an effective way to immediately zero in on core issues by using a non-intrusive approach. As a counselor, I can see the benefits of using Journey Into You to take quick, direct action to help individuals make changes. Instead of focusing on problems, time and energy are spent on releasing the very things that help people stay stuck in their problems. The more I learn about the process, the more excited I become about the positive impact this process will have on our lives.”
– Sherry Simmons – Counselor
“I have known very few days in my life without concerns about body weight and body image until I found Journey Into You. It seemed that all the benefits of having a healthy, lean, energetic body belonged to other people, but not to me. Diet after diet, product after product, program after program worked temporarily and would then dwindle off into ineffectiveness and failure – again. Journey Into You took me to the core issues behind maintaining excessive body weight. Not only did I feel lighter, happier, and more hopeful as I let go of false beliefs and perceptions “weighing me down”, but almost immediately I began releasing the body weight that has been holding me back from my potential. I have also observed an increased motivation and productiveness in other aspects of my life both privately as well as professionally, finally seeing long-kept dreams becoming reality.”
– Gayla Nickel – NCTMB, NCB Approved Provider
“December 19, 1964 I returned home from serving my time in Vietnam, consumed with guilty feelings of being alive and being home. I have dealt with that all these years, but after finding Journey Into You and having a couple of sessions the guilty feelings started to leave and I started to feel better. I still have the memories of the friends that were killed, but I don’t have the guilty feelings of coming home. I can now say that I am glad I did, and I would probably do the same thing over again.”
– C.B.
“Debbie Jo’s Journey Into You process has produced a positive and long term impact on my daily life. Working through a journey and removing my internal blocks to healing allowed me to have immediate change in how I respond to every day events. I am very grateful to Debbie Jo for working with me on my personal journey to a more peaceful life.”
– Jody Henley

Energy Therapies

“Debbie Jo’s treatment is as unique as it is effective. A very subtle and thoughtful approach with outstanding results. A lovely lady!”
– Peter Miller
“Debbie Jo’s work is about helping the energy within the client to flow where it needs to flow to heal. You are wonderful!”
– T.J.
“No matter what kind of shape you are in, a car wreck can take its toll on you. My muscles were so tight that adjusting me was out of the question. My chiropractor advised me to see Debbie Jo at Heart & Hands Therapeutic Massage. In one treatment my muscles relaxed the headaches were gone and I was able to get adjusted. Trying to explain how she did it would be like giving you a hair cut over the phone. This much I can tell you, it is worth your time and an investment in your well being.”
– Dave Sanderson
“The energy work, without a doubt, contributes immensely to my physical healing and total well-being. I am impressed that there seems to be no end to the possibilities it affords me. Thank you so much.”
– Turk

Hands-On Therapies

“After open-heart surgery, I felt weak and rather depressed due to my lack of energy and stamina. Debbie Jo of Heart & Hands helped increase my strength and stamina and after several of her sessions I felt rejuvenated. I would recommend her to anyone who feels a lack of energy or who just needs to improve their sense of well-being.”
– Randy Kay
“Debbie Jo,
I am not sure what you did to me yesterday, but I FEEL GREAT! I feel younger, more energy, my knees are not hurting and I am taking stairs two at a time rather than creeping up them. My back feels awesome. I don’t know what else to say. IT WAS AMAZING!!”
– Bud Jones
“Our daughter has Chronic Pain Syndrome. This is a condition where she experiences constant pain in the soft tissue of the joints. We have been to doctors in 3 states as well as pain clinics and have found very little relief. We started going to Heart & Hands as a last ditch effort to get some relief for our daughter. Debbie Jo has an incredible ability to find the source of the pain and through various techniques works it out of the body. Our daughter has been on many drugs for pain and thanks to Debbie Jo, our daughter has been able to go without drugs for several months.”
– Denice & Carl Milligan
“Hi – I’m Nancy and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1975. I have spent the last 35 years trying to find something that would help me to control the pain and allow me to live a somewhat normal life. Chronic pain became an unwanted partner. There wasn’t a time that I didn’t have some pain. Even while just sitting and watching tv my muscles just wouldn’t relax. I had been going to Debbie Jo for massages for several years, which did help some. She suggested that I try the Manual Pain Release Therapy treatments. I was willing to try. After the first treatment I could tell that the pain was calmed a bit. Now I have had 5 treatments and unbelievably the pain is not an unwanted partner anymore. My muscles do not hurt when touched. I can actually just sit and totally relax and feel good. I am making plans to start projects that would have been unthinkable before. Exercise does not seem to be an impossible idea. I will continue with the treatments and live my life without the pain of fibromyalgia. I recommend Debbie Jo and the Manual Pain Release Therapy treatments to everyone I know who has chronic pain. 15 years ago I fractured my back and have had sciatic nerve problems. An added benefit of these treatments has been that I am no longer having sciatic pain. It is unbelievable what these treatments have done for me. Thank you Debbie Jo.”
– Nancy

Distance Therapies

“My friends back was extremely painful. We called Debbie Jo and set up a distance healing session. Debbie was on the cell phone with the speaker on talking to the patient, Debbie asked her to lie down in the most comfortable position, and I could literally see my friend’s back move as Debbie massaged it. The distance healing relieved my friends back pain.”
– Pam T. – California
“He had kidney surgery at the age of 5 years old. At the age of 9 years he was having pains in his back (same kind that he had when he was younger) so I suspect it was his kidneys. I called Debbie and she said I will work on him today. In the early afternoon my grandson said I need to take a little rest (which was very uncommon for him). He came out of his bedroom about 2 hours later and said “Wow I feel good!” I have not heard him complain about his back pain since….”
– Pam T. – California
“My heart is so full of gratitude for the work that Debbie Jo offers. I have been opened up to a new quality of life that I have not experienced before. This has certainly permitted me to be capable of so much more than I was previous. I can honestly say that I have never been so happy and those close to me notice a significant difference in my demeanor.”
– Ashlie E – Boise Id.

“When we change the way we look at things the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer