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JIY Fun & Easy Healing Workbook & Card Set

Journey Into You Workbook

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A fun and easy tool that helps you to re-create “Up Lifting Feelings” from your memories, provides you a way to access them quickly and easily which allows you to change the uncomfortable emotions instantly.

The JIY healing set will also help you to become more in tune with your own intuition by moving through the cards and knowing the card that is perfect for you at that moment.

Work with the set however it feels right to you, there isn’t a set way. You can pull a card on a daily basis, once a week, once a month, only when you feel that urge, when you are having an inner struggle, whenever you need a positive pick me up, whatever feels right for you, BUT most importantly…. HAVE FUN!!

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I recently had an experience with the Journey Into You Book and Card Set that I wanted to share with you. My sister, who is bipolar, was going through a seriously hard time and was suicidal. On her second trip to the local mental health hospital facility, she began using the Journey Into You book and cards. She was instructed, as part of her therapy, to write in a journal daily. She was struggling with this assignment because she just didn’t know what to write on an empty page. She was writing “I am here” on each entry, and nothing else. I had given her the Journey Into You book and cards before she entered the hospital the second time, and it occurred to her that this may help her with her journal, so she started pulling a card before she had to write so she would have a topic to write about. So, if she pulled the “Love” card, she would write about love… etc. Others in her group started noticing what she was doing and asked if they could pull a card. For the remainder of the time she was in the hospital, she and the group did this as an activity together. She called me one evening while there, and asked me to bring 2 sets in for others in the group to have. Since then, she has had a follow up call from one of them thanking her for this wonderful tool. I feel this has been a key in her recovery, as it helps guide her into her feelings and dealing with them in a positive way.
Thank You!
JS, Idaho Falls
When I bought the book and cards from Debbie Jo, I was excited to get started on my journey. As I drew the card and thought about my experiences I really got to know me. One day I had an appointment and had a few minutes to wait, I had my book with me and I started to look through it. At that moment the fellings I had when I wrote in my book came back. I really do feel that I am going on my journey into me. Thank you Debbie Jo!
K. Crezee